Revised Standing Orders


Discussed and agreed at June Board Meeting

At the SPA Public Board meeting on 24 June 2015, the Board approved revisions to its standing orders. These changes were developed as part of the SPA’s continuous improvement work.

The revised standing orders aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our governance meetings, making them more focused and reflective of best practice across public bodies, and take effect from the next Board meeting on 16 December 2015.

Agendas and papers for the public sessions of the meetings will continue to be published and are accessible on the SPA website. In line with the revised standing orders, papers will be made available on the day of the meeting.

The Board also agreed to amend the SPA committee structures at the meeting on 24 June. However, it has been agreed that these changes will be paused until Spring 2016 to take account of any independencies arising out of the SPA Governance review which is currently underway.

“This long-trailed change to SPA standing orders will not change the volume of information made available in public, simply the  timing of its publication. Members of the public will still have the same access to observe SPA governance meetings, whether in person or via the live streaming facility on our website. “