SPA response to inaccurate reports


SPA responds to media speculation

Inaccurate reports have been placed in the public domain today in relation to the recent appointment of the new Chief Constable, with particular reference to the alleged views of the appointment panel of the SPA.

Similar inaccurate claims have been put to, and refuted by the SPA, over the past week. However, in light of such reports now being aired in public, and which may be read by police officers and staff, the SPA is today issuing a statement from George Graham who was a member of the appointment panel itself.

George Graham, a member of the panel involved in the appointment of the Chief Constable, said:

"The appointment of Phil Gormley as the next Chief Constable of Police Scotland provides the service with clarity around its future leadership and direction. I am sure the focus of Police Scotland officers and staff is now on getting to know him, and getting behind him.

"Contrary to some ill-informed and inaccurate reports, the appointment panel of which I was a part took a unanimous decision to recommend Phil Gormley, a decision that was subsequently approved by Scottish ministers.

"Those who have sought to give journalists and other commentators what they may have spun as an 'inside track' on the views and opinions of the appointment panel have only demonstrated that they have been misinformed.”