HMICS Local Policing Inspection of Edinburgh Division


HMICS Edinburgh Local Policing

HMICS have published their local policing inspection of the Edinburgh Division of Police Scotland:

A spokesman for the SPA said:

“The SPA welcomes the inspection by HMICS of local policing in Edinburgh.  This inspection highlights the unique challenges that exist in policing a diverse city centre and acknowledges that policing in Edinburgh is doing good work in the areas of engagement and consultation which are helping to reduce violent crime in the city. 

"With a public board meeting next week, we will have an early opportunity to discuss the inspection report with Police Scotland and, through our regular Audit & Risk Committee, will be seeking on-going assurance from Police Scotland that recommendations made by the HMICS are addressed and progressed. This report also provides an excellent benchmark for the local scrutiny committee to use when analysing local policing plans and performance.”