SPA approves Police Scotland Estates Strategy


Police Scotland Estates Strategy

three police officers chat with two women three police officers chat with two women

Vic Emery, Chair of the SPA said:

“The strategic reform of the police estate is an opportunity to ensure that more of the right people are available at the right time and in the right places to meet and anticipate demand. That would be the right thing to do whether policing was facing significant reductions in funding or not.

“The SPA has engaged with Police Scotland on the development and refinement of this strategy over the last six months, and strongly endorses its aims. Central to those discussions has been the need to ensure policing remains local at its heart. There is a clear commitment within the strategy to involving communities and partners in any process of change around police buildings. That is important not just in explaining what we may propose to do with a part of our estate, but also so our thinking within policing benefits from the ideas of others too."ar for three days despite the alert having been raised with police.