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Watch Police Accountability in Action


On Tuesday 24 February the Scottish Police Authority will hold its next public board meeting.

As part of our governance and scrutiny role we will questioning the Chief Constable on current policing issues, scrutinising how the transformation of policing is progressing, and assessing how we are managing the thousands of officers and staff that work so hard in serving the people of Scotland.

We will be meeting in public session and people all over Scotland will be able to log in and watch proceedings over a livestream link, or watch it recorded from the comfort of their home or office. Over 2,000 have chosen to do so since our last public meeting on 13 February.

We have set a high standard for transparency and it is important to us that members of the public can see how we carry out this public aspect of our work.

Members of the public may have heard or read comment and opinion in recent weeks about the SPA. That is in part also because of the transparent approach we take our role and the information we share.

We expect to be scrutinised and welcome the fact that the issue of strong and effective accountability is high on the agenda again. Our drive for continuous improvement in policing of course also includes our own governance approaches and practice.

So I hope that tomorrow's board meeting is again well viewed and well scrutinised. It is an example of our governance role in action.

Watching live, or catching up after the event, allows the public an unedited and unspun view.

So my message to everyone with an interest in improving policing in Scotland is to log in, join us, and make your own assessment.