Special Board Meeting - Pacific Quay, Glasgow

29 July 2019

Pacific Quay


G51 1DZ

1. Welcome and Standing Items:
- Apologies

- Declarations of interest

- Minute of the Special Board Meeting held on 19 July 2019 for Approval

- Decision on taking business in private (Items 2 - 4)

2. Legal Matter
Report for Discussion and Decision presented by Robin Johnston, SPA Head of Legal and Compliance

3. SPA Senior Management Team
 Report for Discussion and Decision presented by the Vice-Chair

4. SPA Development and Improvement
 Proposals from the Chair for Discussion and Decision

Subject to agreement by the Board at agenda item 1 above, the following Items of business will be considered in private for the reasons noted below:
Items 2, 3 and 4 in accordance with the SPA’s Standing Orders section:
• 21 a) information relating to identified or identifiable individuals (including members of staff) could be disclosed where there is no consent for disclosure and/or where there is a risk of harm to any individual from the disclosure;
• 21 d) matters to be discussed are the subject of legal proceedings (including misconduct or disciplinary proceeding) or where the information to be discussed consists of or includes legal advice provided to the SPA or to a third party
• 21 e) an obligation of confidentiality exists in respect of the information to be discussed