Complaints and Conduct Committee

27 March 2018
13.00 - 16.00


5 Fettas Avenue



Due to the personal nature of the business considered by the Complaints and Conduct Committee, meetings are generally not open to the press and public to attend and observe.  The Committee will consider items in public where it is appropriate to do so, taking into account the provisions of the SPA's Governance Framework.

Agendas for Private and Public meetings will be published on our website seven working days ahead of the meeting. Papers for Public meetings are published three days ahead of the meeting and  are available in advance from the links below.

 1. Introduction / Welcome - Matt Smith, Committee Chair, SPA
1.1 Chair’s Opening Remarks
1.2 Apologies
1.3 Declarations of Interest
1.4 Any Other Business 

2. Minute and Actions from previous meeting - Matt Smith, Committee Chair, SPA
2.1  Minute of meeting held 5 March 2018
2.2  Minute of meeting held 8 March 2018
2.3  Rolling Action Log
3. Matters Arising - Matt Smith, Committee Chair, SPA 

4. Confirmation of Private Session Business for 27th March 2018 - Matt Smith, Committee Chair, SPA

5. Consideration of Specific Complaints - SPA Complaints and Conduct Team
Discussed in Private, in accordance with the SPA Governance Framework Section 27 (b) Where public discussion of the information may prejudice national security, legal proceedings (including misconduct or disciplinary proceedings), or police operations
5.1  Background Paper
5.2     SPA0807 

6. AOB - Matt Smith, Committee Chair, SPA

7. Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 24th April 2018, Pacific Quay, Glasgow