Audit Committee

22 November 2017
10.00 - 13.00

Pacific Quay


G51 1DZ

1. Introduction / Welcome * - David Hume,
1.1 Chair’s Opening Remarks
1.2 Apologies
1.3 Declarations of Interest
1.4 Any other business 

2. Final Annual Report & Accounts
Rationale – SPA Governance Framework Section 27 (f) where the matter being discussed must be referred to the Scottish Government or placed before the Scottish Parliament before it is placed in the public domain.)

2.1  Draft Annual Report and Accounts for the Scottish  Police Authority for the Year to 31 March 2017 - John Foley,
SPA Chief Executive

2.2  Audit Scotland 2016/17 Annual Audit Report to Members and the Auditor General for Scotland - Stephen Boyle, Audit Scotland

3. Auditor General’s Draft Section 22 Report - Stephen Boyle, Audit Scotland

4. Audit Committee Self-Assessment Report (Verbal) - David Hume, Chair

5. AOCB David Hume, Chair

6. DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS: 22nd January 2017, Pacific Quay, Glasgow