Audit Committee

23 October 2018
10.00 - 13.00
Surgeons Quarter
Nicolson Street

In line with the Governance Framework, the agenda will be available 1 week prior to the meeting and papers will be available 3 working days in advance of the meeting.

1. Introduction / Welcome * - David Hume, Chair, SPA
1.1 Chair’s Opening Remarks
1.2 Apologies
1.3 Declarations of Interest
1.4 Any other business 

2. Minute and Actions from previous meeting: * (For Approval) - David Hume, Chair, SPA
2.1 Minute of Committee Meeting held 11th September 2018
2.2 Rolling Action Log
2.3 Matters Arising 

3. Decision on taking business in private - David Hume, Chair, SPA
In accordance with paragraph 21 of the SPA Governance Framework, the Board will decide whether Items 7 – 9 should be considered in private 

4. Internal Audit Reports: - Gary Devlin, Scott Moncrieff
4.1 Progress Report
4.2 Follow up – Q2
4.3 Police Scotland and SPA Forensics Staff Performance Management Assignment Plan 

5. Assurance Mapping – verbal update - Graham Stickle, SPA

6. AOCB - David Hume, Chair

7. Minute and Actions from previous meetings* (For Approval) - David Hume, Chair, SPA
7.1 Minute relating to Items held in private on 11th September 2018
7.2 Rolling Action Log relating to items held in private
7.3 Matters Arising 

8. Risk Management - Fiona Miller, Police Scotland
8.1 Police Scotland Organisational Risk Register Quarterly Review 
8.2 Police Scotland Draft Strategic Risk Register
9. Annual Report & Accounts for year to 31 March 2018
9.1  Draft Annual Report and Accounts for the Scottish  Police Authority for the Year to 31 March 2018 - Kenneth Hogg, Interim Chief Officer, SPA
9.2  Audit Scotland 2017/18 Annual Audit Report to Members and the Auditor General for Scotland - Stephen Boyle, Audit Scotland

 Approved Minute