Succession Planning and Appointments Committee

17 September 2018
10:00 - 12:00

Due to the nature of the business considered by the Succession Planning and Appointments Committee, meetings are generally not open to the press and public to attend and observe.  The Committee will consider items in public where it is appropriate to do so, taking into account the provisions of the SPA's Governance Framework.

Agendas for meetings will be published on our website seven working days ahead of the meeting. Papers for public items of business are published three days ahead of the meeting, if appropriate.

1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Decision on taking business in private (items 4 – 11)

4. Minute from the meeting held on 28 June 2018

5. Rolling Action Log and Matters Arising

6. Senior Leadership Recruitment Review

- Report (SPA 05.2018/10)
- Organisational Learning (SPA 05.2018/11)

7. SPA Recruitment Update (verbal)

8. SPA Board Succession Planning (SPA 05.2018/12)

9. Meeting Dates for 2019 (SPA 05.2018/13)

10. Any Other Business

11. Date of Next Meeting – 15 November 2018