Policing Committee

24 October 2017
13.00 - 17.00
1 Pacific Quay
G51 1DZ


Date: Tuesday 24 October 2017
Time: PUBLIC Session:  13:00 – 16:15
Venue:  SPA HQ, 1 Pacific Quay, Glasgow
Chair:  George Graham

1.   Introduction / Welcome -  George Graham, Chair, SPA
1.1  Chair’s Opening Remarks
1.2  Apologies
1.3  Declarations of Interest
1.4  Committee Work Plan Review
1.5  Any Other Business

2.  Minute and Actions from Previous Meeting - George Graham, Chair, SPA
(For Approval)
2.1  Minute of Policing Committee Meeting held 12th  September 2017
2.2  Rolling Action Log 

3.  Matters Arising - George Graham, Chair, SPA

4.  Business Conducted Since Last meeting held 12th September 2017 (verbal update) * (For Ratification) - George Graham, Chair, SPA


5.  Performance:
5.1  Police Scotland Equality Outcomes Update - Superintendent David Pettigrew, PS
5.2  SPA Equality Outcomes Update - Jackie McKelvie/John McLean, SPA
5.3  Performance Spotlight Presentations – Terms of Reference - ACC Malcolm Graham, PS
5.4  Public Confidence – Evidence Based Approach - ACC John Hawkins, Police Scotland 

6.  Stop and Search:
6.1  SPA Assurance – Q3/4 - Jackie McKelvie, SPA
6.2  Police Scotland Approach to Future Analysis - ACC Mark Williams, Police Scotland 

7.  Localism:
7.1  SPA Approach to Assurance - Eleanor Gaw, SPA
7.2  Local Approaches to Policing - Presentation - ACC John Hawkins, Police Scotland

8.1 Positional Paper in Relation to the Implementation of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 - Presented by Supt Athol Aitken
9.  Policy:
9.1 Temporary Traffic Restriction Order (TTRO) - ACC Bernard Higgins, Police Scotland 

10.  AOB - George Graham, Chair, SPA


The following items are being considered in Closed Session and this meeting is therefore not open to public, interested parties and media representatives attend and observe in accordance with the SPA Governance Framework, Section 28 (e), where any of the information to be discussed is commercially sensitive, financially sensitive, relates to proposals for significant organisational change or to significant changes to the terms and conditions of staff.

1.  Introduction / Welcome - George Graham, Chair, SPA
1.1 Chair’s Opening Remarks
1.2 Apologies
1.3 Declarations of Interest
1.4 Committee Work Plan Review
1.5 Any Other Business 

2.  Minute and Actions from Previous Meeting - George Graham, Chair, SPA
(For Approval)
2.1 Minute of Policing Committee Closed Meeting held 12th  September 2017 

3.  Matters Arising - George Graham, Chair, SPA


4.  Performance - ACC Malcolm Graham/ Tina MacLucas, Police Scotland
4.1 Police Scotland Performance Framework
5.  AOB - George Graham, Chair, SPA