Policing Committee

16 February 2017
10.00 - 14.00
1 Pacific Quay
G51 1DZ


The following items are being considered in Closed Session and this meeting is therefore not open to public, interested parties and media representatives attend and observe in accordance with the SPA Governance Framework, Section 28 (e), where any of the information to be discussed is commercially sensitive, financially sensitive, relates to proposals for significant organisational change or to significant changes to the terms and conditions of staff.

1. Chair’s Opening Remarks - George Graham, Chair
- Welcome and Introduction
- Apologies:
- Declarations of Interest
- Any Other Competent Business 

2.  Future Committee Approach - George Graham, Chair
2.1 Terms of Reference
2.2  SPA Performance Standards
2.3  Committee Work Plan 2017/18 

3.  Strategy - ACC Malcolm Graham, Police Scotland/ Tom McMahon, SPA
3.1 Performance Framework Development Progress
3.2 Policing 2026:  Overview and Next Steps
4.  Performance
4.1 Q3 Police Performance - Tina WardPrincipal Analyst, Police Scotland

4.2 SPA Q3 Police Performance - Jackie McKelvie, SPA

5.  Stop and Search Assurance Jackie McKelvie, SPA

6.  Strategic Planning
6.1 Local Police Plan – FOR RECOMMENDATION TO SPA BOARD - ACC Andy Cowie, Police Scotland 

7.  C3IR Update – verbal update Alan Waddle, Police Scotland

 George Graham, Chair