Special Board Meeting - Stop and Search - 13 February 2015

13 February 2015

The Scottish Police Authority is holding an additional board meeting to seek answers on recent issues raised around the past and future use of the stop and search tactic in Scotland.

The meeting will address two primary issues:
1. Scrutiny of the performance of Police Scotland in relation to non-statutory stop and search of children under 12;
2. An initial examination of the options, alternatives and implications of ending the use of non-statutory stop and search as a whole.

Last week, Police Scotland released information to the media which appeared to indicate that a considerable number of children under 12 have continued to be stopped and searched on a consensual basis, after very clear commitments were made to both Parliament and the SPA last year that this practice would end.

The SPA will question the Chief Constable Sir Stephen House, and Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick, on whether the information released to the media and carried in widespread reporting was accurate, if so why the commitment to end such searches has not yet been fulfilled, and when Police Scotland does expect to be in a position to fulfil the commitment.

The Chief Constable also last week made an announcement that he had taken a decision to review, in partnership with SPA and HMICS, measures to replace the consensual element of the stop and search tactics against the backdrop of a record drop in crime, including violent crime across Scotland, the ongoing commitment to using police powers proportionately, and the conclusion of a six month stop and search pilot in Fife.

The SPA meeting will seek to explore in more detail the evidence that has led Police Scotland to promote this review at this time, what early consideration has been given to alternatives and options to replace consensual stop and search, and what assessment Police Scotland has made so far on the various impacts and implications of such a change – legal, operational, financial, equalities, and on communities.

As this the only agenda item, no papers will be published ahead of the event.


This meeting will be available to view on Livestream either live or recorded. Click on the link below to access Livestream.


If you are attending the public session you need to do so by prior arrangement. Please email SPALiaison@spa.pnn.police.uk or call 0141 534 8877 / 0141 585 8318  


Approved Board Minute - 13 February 2015