Board Meeting - Dunkeld

24 October 2018

Birnam Arts Centre 

This meeting is open for members of the public, interested parties and media representatives to attend. Please confirm your attendance in advance by email to or telephone 01786 896 878.

Please note, in the interest of safety and security, please be advised that bags larger than A3 size will not be permitted within the venue.  Attendees with larger sized bags will be asked to arrange alternative storage prior to admission (storage can not be provided).

For those unable to attend in person, the meeting will be available to watch live or recorded (within 24 hours of the meeting) through our dedicated Livestream channel:

However, please note that due to streaming over the internet, several factors, including the specification of the device you are using to view the meeting, as well as your internet connection speed bandwidth, may affect the quality of your live viewing experience.

In line with our standing orders, the papers for this meeting will be published 3 working days in advance of the meeting.

1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Declarations of interest

3. Minute from meeting held on 27 September 2018 for approval

4. Action Log and Matters Arising

5. Decision on taking business in private (items 11 - 16)

6. SPA Chair’s Introduction and Report
(B 09.2018/65)

7. Chief Constable’s Report
(B 09.2018/66)

8. Local Policing and Accountability
(B 09.2018/67) and (B 09.2018/68)

9. Health & Safety Report
(B 09.2018/69)

10. SPA Reports and Governance:
10.1 SPA Interim Chief Officer’s Report
(B 09.2018/70)
10.2 SPA Governance Framework
(B 09.2018/71)
10.3 Committee Reports
(B 09.2018/72)
10.4 Transformation Working Group Report
10.5 Amendment to Board Calendar of Meetings 2018

The following items will be taken in private

11. Minute relating to items held in private on 27 September 2018 for approval

12. Action Log and Matters Arising

13. Staff Pay Reward and Modernisation
(B 09.2018/73)

14. Audit Scotland 2017/18 Annual Audit Report to Members and the Auditor General for Scotland
(B 09.2018/74)

15. Draft Annual Report and Accounts for the Scottish Police Authority for the Year to 31 March 2018
(B 09.2018/75)

16. Draft Annual Review of Policing 2017/18
(B 09.2018/76)

Approved Board Minute - 24 October 2018