Closed Board Meeting - Glasgow

7 June 2017
12.00 - 14.00

Following decisions taken at the SPA Board Meeting on the 25th May 2017 to enhance transparency SPA Corporate Governance Framework – Recommendations for Early Revision, the agendas for the few closed SPA Board meetings held each year are being published in advance. A summary of the business conducted in closed sessions will be published as part of the papers for the next public meeting.

The agenda for this meeting will be published 7 days prior to the meeting taking place.

Date: Wednesday 7 June 2017
Time: CLOSED Session: 12.00 – 14.00
Venue:  Crowne Plaza, Glasgow

Chair:  Andrew Flanagan

1. Introduction / Welcome * - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA
1.1   Chair’s Opening Remarks
1.2   Apologies
1.3   Declarations of Interest
1.4   Any other business

2. Minute and Actions from the Last Meeting*(For Approval) : - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA
2.1  Minute and Addendum of Closed Board Meeting held 3 May 2017
2.2   Rolling Action Log

3. Matters Arising - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA

4. Final Draft Annual Review of Policing (For Approval) - John Foley, SPA
(Within Section (39) of the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act, it states that the Scottish Police Authority should prepare an annual report containing an assessment of performance for the Authority and for Police Scotland in working towards the Strategic Priorities and the commitments made within the Annual Police Plan. The Paper is tabled in Closed Session until it is formally presented to Scottish Ministers and laid before Parliament.)

5. 2026 Strategy – Serving a Changing Scotland:
(The following papers relate to future organisational change, funding and budget options for policing and involves a
level of detail and sensitive information that is still subject to change.  Section 34 (6) of the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 states that the Scottish Police Authority must use best endeavours to secure Scottish Ministers’ approval of the strategy. The draft strategy is therefore presented in Closed Session until it is formally presented to Scottish Ministers for subsequent policy and Parliamentary consideration, and will be subject to future Board approval in public.)

5.1   Summary from Stakeholder Consultation and Revised Draft Strategy (Post Consultation) - DCO David Page, PS
5.2   Draft 3 Year Transformation Implementation Plan - ACC Malcolm Graham
5.3   Draft 3 Year Financial Plan - CFO James Gray, PS

6. Police Officer and Police Staff Pay Claim 2017/18 - Recommendation for Negotiation (For Approval) - DCO David Page, PS
(The process includes a requirement for SPA Board approval and then Scottish Government endorsement.  Assuming these approvals are forthcoming, a formal offer will then be made to TUs. Until the negotiating process has concluded, it would not be appropriate to discuss this matter in public session.)

7. Commercial Excellence Programme (For Approval) - Colette Sherry, PS
(Having regard to the provisions under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Public Contracts(Scotland) Regulations 2015, it is considered that some of the information contained in the paper has been provided to Police Scotland on a commercial / confidential basis and as such may be exempt from disclosure on the grounds of prejudice to commercial interest / confidentiality.)

8. Bad Debt Write-off (For Approval) - James Gray, CFO, PS
(This paper will include the names of customers who have gone into liquidation, and are currently going through a legal recovery process / administration agreement. This is considered sensitive information and it would, therefore, not be appropriate for the details to be discussed in public session.)

9. SPA Draft Response to Scottish Government Consultation:  Severance Policy in Devolved Public Sector in Scotland (For Approval) - John Foley, SPA
(As this relates to government policy, it would not be appropriate for the Board to discuss the matter in public session.  Discussion in public session prior to the consultation closing date could also be seen as unduly influencing others' submissions to the consultation.)

10. Auto Enrolment – Revised Pension Advice (For Approval) - James Gray, CFO, PS
(The paper includes sensitive information that will have a direct impact on staff.  A communication plan is in place but cannot be implemented until a decision has been taken by the Board).

11. Committee Chairs’ Reports: * - Committee Chairs
11.1   Audit (No meeting since the last Closed Session Board meeting)
11.2   Finance (1 June 2017)
11.3   People (No meeting since the last Closed Session Board meeting)
11.4   Policing (No meeting since the last Closed Session Board meeting)

12. Board Closed Session Workplan * - Andrew Flanagan,Chair, SPA

13. AOB*- Andrew Flanagan,Chair, SPA

14. Date of Next Meeting: *  9 August 2017 (QPR), PQ, Glasgow - Andrew Flanagan,Chair, SPA

* Denotes Standing Agenda Item