Public Board Meeting - Stirling

24 August 2017
Stirling Court Hotel
University of Stirling
StirlingFK9 4AE

The public session of this meeting is open for members of the public, interested parties and media representatives to attend. Please confirm your attendance in advance by email to or telephone 01786 896878.

Please note, in the interest of safety and security, please be advised that bags larger than A3 size will not be permitted within the Public Board venue.  Attendees with larger sized bags will be asked to arrange alternative storage prior to admission (storage can not be provided).

For those unable to attend in person, the meeting will be available to watch live or recorded (within one hour of the meeting) through our Livestream broadcast: 

PUBLIC QUESTIONS: In June 2017, the SPA Board introduced a facility allowing the public to participate and inform the SPA’s scrutiny of policing during board meetings held in public. The Board would therefore welcome relevant questions in advance of public Board meetings. Questions must be submitted via e-mail to the SPA at the following address: and should arrive no later than noon on Wednesday 23 August 2017. While every effort will be made to raise relevant questions during the Board's consideration, we cannot guarantee that every question will be addressed at the meeting. Questions submitted which are related to items on the meeting agenda are most likely to inform members scrutiny of issues.

Date: Thursday 24 August 2017
Time: PUBLIC Session:  13:00 – 17:00
Venue:  Stirling Court Hotel, Stirling
Chair:  Andrew Flanagan

1. Introduction / Welcome * - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA

1.1  Chair’s Opening Remarks
1.2  Apologies
1.3  Declarations of Interest
1.4  Any other business

2. Minute and Actions from previous meeting: * - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA
(For Approval)
2.1  Minute of Board Meeting held 22 June 2017
2.2  Rolling Action Log

3. Matters Arising - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA

4. Business Conducted Since Last meeting held
22 June 2017 (verbal update) * (For Ratification) - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA

5. 5.1    Summary Note from Closed Session Board Meeting held on 27 July 2017 - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA
    5.2    Summary Note from Closed Session Board Meeting held on 9 August 2017 - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA

6. Chief Constable’s Report * - Philip Gormley, Chief Constable, PS

7. Police Scotland Performance Report:
7.1   Focus on Domestic Abuse (Presentation) - ACC Nelson Telfer/ DSU Gordon McCreadie, PS
7.2   Proposed Schedule of Topics for Future Focus Briefings - Graham Houston, SPA Board Member / DCC Iain Livingstone
7.3   Performance Summary Report Quarter 1 - DCC Iain Livingstone

8. SPA Strategic Delivery Review - John Foley, SPA

9. Financial Review Quarter 1 2017/18 - James Gray, CFO, PS

10. 2026 Strategy – Serving a Changing Scotland:
10.1   Development of 3 Year Transformation Implementation Plan Progress Update - DCO David Page, PS (verbal)
10.2   Development of 3 Year Financial Plan and 10 Year Financial Strategy Progress Update - CFO James Gray, PS (verbal)

11. SPA Forensic Services: Tom Nelson, SPA 
11.1   Performance Report Quarter 1 2017/18*
11.2   Joint National Forensic Gateway Pilot Final Report
11.3   Response to HMICS Inspection of Forensic Services – Development of Improvement Plan (Verbal)

12. SPA Corporate Performance Report Quarter 1 2017/18* - John Foley, Chief Executive Officer, SPA

13. Police Scotland Contact Command and Control Update: * - ACC John Hawkins, PS

14. SPA Corporate Governance Framework: - John Foley, Chief Executive Officer, SPA
14.1   Six Months’ Review of SPA Corporate Governance Framework (For Approval)
14.2   Response to HMICS Inspection Phase 1 – Development of SPA Continuous Improvement Plan

15. Committee Chair’s Reports (Public and Closed Session): * - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA
15.1   Audit (Verbal)
15.2   Finance
15.3   People (Verbal)
15.4   Policing

16. Board Workplan * - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA

17. AOB - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA

18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: - Andrew Flanagan, Chair, SPA

PUBLIC SESSION - Thursday 28 September 2017, Inverness
CLOSED SESSION – Tuesday 31 October 2017,
Pacific Quay, Glasgow (QPR + ARA)