People Committee

16 June 2017
Board Room, Scottish Police Authority, Pacific Quay, Glasgow

The public session of this meeting is open for members of the public, interested parties and media representatives to attend. Please confirm your attendance in advance by email to or telephone 01786 896 875.

In line with our standing orders, the papers for this meeting will be available on 13th June 2017. 

OPEN SESSION: 10.00 - 11.30 hrs
CLOSED SESSION: 11.30 - 13.00 hrs



1.  Welcome and Introduction* - Nicola Marchant, Chair
1.1  Apologies*
1.2  Declarations of Interest*
1.3  Any Other Competent Business*
1.4  Items for Board Submission*
1.5  Business Conducted Since Last Meeting*
       - Staff and Officer Pay Negotiations              
2.    Review of Minutes and Actions* - Nicola Marchant, Chair
2.1  Review of People Committee Rolling Action Log - Open              
2.2  Review of HR and Remuneration Committee Rolling Action Log – Open
2.3  Matters Arising*
       - Update - HMICS suggestion of a separate Health and  Safety Statutory Committee.  

3.   SPA Ongoing Assurance Report* - Judith MacKinnon SPA
      - People Pack Highlights for Discussion 

4.   British Transport Police Integration Update – Verbal Update - Judith MacKinnon, SPA / Nicky Page Police Scotland

5.  Workplans *
5.1 People Committee – 2017 Workplan - Nicola Marchant, Chair
5.2 People and Development Annual Delivery Plan - Louise Haggerty
5.3 SPA HR Scrutiny Plan - Judith MacKinnon

6.   AOB* - Nicola Marchant, Chair


7. Employee Relations Climate – Staff Side Views - Nicola Marchant, Chair

8.  Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 22nd August 2017 - Nicola Marchant, Chair


The following items are being considered in Closed Session and this meeting is therefore not open to public, interested parties and media representatives attend and observe in accordance with the SPA Governance Framework, Section 28 (e), where any of the information to be discussed is commercially sensitive, financially sensitive, relates to proposals for significant organisational change or to significant changes to the terms and conditions of staff.


9. Employee Relations Climate – Employer Views - Nicola Marchant, Chair

10.  Review of Minutes and Actions* - Nicola Marchant, Chair

10.1  Approval of Minutes of People Committee 27th April 2017 – Closed
10.2  Review of People Committee Rolling Action Log – Closed
10.3  Review of HR and Remuneration Committee Rolling Action Log – Closed
10.4  Matters Arising* 

11.   Transformational Change of Corporate Services – Verbal Update - Louise Haggarty Police Scotland

12.  Auto Enrolment – Verbal Update - J MacKinnon, SPA

13. Staff and Officer Pay Negotiations – Verbal Update - Nicola Marchant, Chair

14.                                                                                            - S Simpson, Police Scotland

15. AOB* - Nicola Marchant, Chair