HR and Remuneration Committee - 08 October 2014

8 October 2014
09.30-14.00 (Public Session starts at 12.30)
Stirling Management Centre, University Of Stirling Campus, Stirling FK9 4LA


1. Welcome and Introduction - Jeane Freeman, Chair

1.1 Apologies
1.2 Declarations of Interest
1.3 Any Other Competent Business
2. Approval of Minutes - Jeane Freeman, Chair
2.1 Approval of Minute of CLOSED SESSION HR & Remuneration Committee held 21st August 2014

3.  Review of CLOSED SESSION Rolling Action Register - Jeane Freeman, Chair
4. Organisational Change Proposals (returning to HRRC post consultation) - Nicky Page, PSoS
4.2  VISOR Restructure SCD – FOR APPROVAL
4.3  People & Development Organisational Change Programme - FOR APPROVAL
4.4  Citations Restructure - FOR APPROVAL
4.5  SPA Permanent Structure - FOR APPROVAL
Organisational Change Proposals (presented to HRRC pre- consultation)  
4.6  Leadership & Professional Development Restructure – FOR CONSULTATION (submitted under S15a Scheme of Administration)
4.7  Forensic Services Scene Examination West Accommodation Review

Organisational Change Updates
4.8  OCCTU Restructure Update SCD - FOR NOTING
4.9  ICT Restructure Update Staffing Profile - FOR NOTING

5. Commonwealth Games Update - FOR NOTING (brought forward in response to HRRC Action CSPAHR&RCS-210814-001) - Eileen Masson/ ACC Mawson, PSoS
5.1 Police Officers Update
5.2 Police Staff Update

6. HSR Scrutiny Summary Update Paper – STANDING ITEM (in accordance with Standing Order 1 (b) to be discussed in Closed Session as paper involves topics that touch on security and the planning of police operations) 
James Bertram, SPA

7. Re-Engagement of Leavers – FOR NOTING (Submitted under Section 5 Scheme of Administration & in response to an Action Log Request)
8. AOB - Jeane Freeman, Chair


9. Welcome and Introduction - Jeane Freeman, Chair
9.1 Apologies
9.2 Declarations of Interest
9.3 Any Other Competent Business
10. Matters Arising 
10.1 Approval of Minutes of HR & Remuneration Committee PUBLIC SESSION 21st August 2014
11. Review of PUBLIC SESSION Rolling Action Log - Jeane Freeman, Chair
12. Redundancy Modification Order (verbal) STANDING ITEM - Eileen Masson, PSoS

13. PNB Update (verbal) - STANDING ITEM - Eileen Masson, PSoS

14. SPA HR Update – STANDING ITEM - Gillian Walker, SPA

15. VR/ER Update - STANDING ITEM - Nicky Page, PSoS

16. HR & Remuneration Committee Appeals and Operations Sub-Committee Update – STANDING ITEM - Jackie Kydd, SPA

17.  Scrutiny - STANDING ITEM
17.1  Organisational Change EIA Scrutiny – FOR NOTING - Gillian Walker, SPA

18. Performance Reporting - STANDING ITEM - John Gillies, PSoS
18.1 H&S Performance Report
18.2 People & Development Performance Matrix

19.  SPA/PSoS Staff Harmonisation – FOR NOTING (submitted in response to action SPAHR&RCS-210814-009) - Steve Simpson, PSoS

20.  Employee Engagement:  Employee Opinion Survey – FOR APPROVAL.  (Note:  Submitted in response to SPA Board Action SPABM-021013-003, The update given at the Board Meeting in August stated that the next steps and timescales anticipated this would be brought forward to the Members’ Meeting on 2nd September and then to the Board on October 30th.) - Steve Simpson, PSoS

21.  Chief Constable’s Transfer Reimbursement of Expenses SOP/Policy - FOR APPROVAL - Gary McLeod, PSoS

22.  Career Break SOP/Policy – FOR APPROVAL - Ruth Hawksworth, PSoS

23.  Ill Health Retirement SOP/Policy - THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DEFERRED
23.1 Update on staff consultation for Policy/SOP – FOR APPROVAL
23.2  Update on IHR profile, Costs and Comparative Analysis – FOR NOTING 

24. Equality & Diversity
24.1 SPA Equality Outcomes – FOR NOTING (Brought forward in response to Action SPAHR&R-270614-001 and carried over from previous Agenda) - Gillian Walker, SPA
24.2 PSoS E&D Staff Associations Engagement - Update
24.3 Stonewall Engagement (Pre engagement consultation/future communications plan)
25.  AOB

Approved Minute 8th October 2014