HR and Remuneration Committee - 11 March 2014

11 March 2014
14.00 - 17.00

Teacher Building, 14 St Enoch Square, Glasgow



1.  Welcome and Introduction

1.1  Apologies
1.2  Declarations of Interest
1.3  Any Other Competent Business

2.  Approval of Minutes
 2.1  Approval of Minutes of HR and Remuneration   
       Committee CLOSED session held 13 February 2014

3.  Review of CLOSED SESSION Rolling Action Register

4.  Organisational Change Proposals (returning to Committee post consultation)
Serious Crime Division 
4.1  Intelligence Support (containing updates on CAB Unit North/East, NIB International Assistance Unit and NIB National Intelligence Desk)
4.2  OCCTU (containing updates on Technical Support Unit and Border Policing Command)
4.3  Divisional Crime & PPU (containing updates on Forensic Science Gateway and National PPU Team)
4.4  Major Crime (containing updates on HOLMES, Homicide Governance & Review and Intelligence Researchers)

Police Service of Scotland Corporate Service
 4.5  Mail Delivery and Drivers 
 4.6  Commissionaires
 4.7  Corporate Communications
 4.8  Fleet
 4.9  Analysis and Performance

Local Policing
 4.10  Investigative Assistants  
5.  AOB


6. Welcome and Introduction

6.1  Apologies
6.2  Declarations of Interest
6.3  Any Other Competent Business

7.  Matters Arising 
7.1 Approval of Minutes of HR & Remuneration Committee PUBLIC session held 13 February 2014

Minutes 13 Feb 2014 - to follow

7.2 Redundancy Modification Order

Redundancy Modification Order

8.  Review of PUBLIC SESSION Rolling Action Log

Public Rolling Action Log

9.  2013/14 VER/ER Update

VR ER Update

10.  SOPs
10.1  Ill-health Retirement SOP

Ill Health SOP

10.2  Attendance Management SOP

Attendance Managment SOP

10.3  Capability for PSoS/SPA Staff SOP

Capability for PSoS/SPA Staff SOP

10.4  Capability for PSoS Officers

Capability for PSoS Officers  

11.  SPA HR Update

SPA HR Update

12.  Reward and Remuneration
12.1  HR & Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference Amendment

HR & Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference Amendment

12.2  PNB Update

PNB Update

13.  HR & Remuneration  Committee Appeals and Operations Sub-Committee update

13.1  Sub Committee Update

Sub-Committee Update 

13.2  Ill Health Retiral Update

Ill health retiral

14.  AOB

Approved Minute 11th March 2014