Carolyn Carty

Why did you volunteer to become an independent custody visitor?
I believe we should all be treated equally in life and within the law. We should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of background, gender, colour and sexuality.

How long have you been doing this?
I have been volunteering since 2008.
What do you enjoy about it?
For me, working as a custody visitor enables me to ensure people in custody are treated with respect.  I check that they are well and have had something to eat and drink. I care about their welfare. 

It is such a worthwhile way to spend your spare time and you feel you are contributing to ensuring the welfare of people, many who are vulnerable, who are in custody."


What is the most interesting aspect of being an independent custody visitor?
The police officers welcome our visits too, as it demonstrates transparency, on their part by accepting custody visitors into their custody suites.


What experience do you need to become an independent custody visitor?
You don’t need to have any experience but just have an interest in people and their welfare.