Forensic Services

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The Scottish Police Authority is responsible for providing Forensic Services to support operational policing in Scotland. One of the central tenets of the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act is that Forensic Services are not under the direction and control of the Chief Constable. Instead these services are managed and delivered as part of the Scottish Police Authority - ensuring a suitable degree of independence and impartiality while also supporting the unique crime scene to court partnership that Forensic Services has with both operational policing and the wider criminal justice system in Scotland. 

The SPA's Forensic Services provide a unique and fundamental service to policing which brings together forensic and fingerprint capability and Scene of Crime Officers, placing forensic services in Scotland at the forefront of evidence capture and analysis.   Our Forensic Services are made up of a number of important disciplines. You can find out more about each aspect and its contribution to policing by selecting them from the list on the left hand navigation bar of this page.

In May 2018, the SPA Board approved the Forensic Services 2026 Strategy providing a clear vision to ensure Forensic Services in Scotland can continue to meet changes in demand and keep abreast of scientific advances.