Barry Sillers

Barry Sillers

Director of Strategy

Barry’s career is best described as the development and delivery of strategic change. He joined the Authority in January 2019 from the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board where he led the development of the Future Strategy for Health and Social Care known as Moving Forward Together. This Vision shapes the future delivery of integrated person centred care by the Board's 37,000 staff and guides the allocation of it's £3 billion annual operating budget, to meet the changing needs of it's population up to and beyond 2025.

After graduating from Glasgow University, Barry started his career as an officer in the Royal Navy. His varied service ranged from operational action in the NATO led campaign in the Former Yugoslavia conflict, the “cold war” leading submarine operations in support of the UK strategic deterrent and intelligence gathering programmes to later specialising in the insertion and recovery of special forces.

In 2006, Barry joined NATO in a senior post with responsibility for the combat readiness of the NATO Response Force. He was awarded the NATO Meritorious Service medal by the Secretary General for his outstanding contribution to NATO.

After retiring from the armed forces in 2008, Barry joined the senior team in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. As the Head of Acute Planning and Performance he was responsible for the Board’s hospital transformation programmes, which included the opening of the new Stobhill and Victoria Ambulatory Care Hospitals and in 2015, the opening of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and new Royal Hospital for Children which stand as the largest campus  in Europe.

Barry is a trustee of Foundation Scotland, an independent charity established to strengthen local communities by providing a source of funding to community led projects the length and breadth of Scotland. It was established to help people and organisations support projects to improve Scottish Communities. Since 1996, the Foundation has been delivering innovative funding programmes, distributing over £70 million to charities and community groups.