Senior Remuneration

As a Public Body the SPA publishes the names and salary details of members of our senior leadership team equivalent to Senior Civil Service (SCS) Grade 2 and above. Below are the names and salary bands of the SPA Executive and Police Scotland's Executive team.

Scottish Police Authority





Tom Nelson, Director Forensic Services 


John McCroskie, Director Communications & Relationships 


Lindsey McNeill, Director Governance and Assurance


Barry Sillers, Director of Strategy


Police Scotland *


Chief Constable, Iain Livingstone


Deputy Chief Constable, Fiona Taylor 

Deputy Chief Constable, Will Kerr£180,624

 Deputy Chief Constable, Malcolm Graham


 Assistant Chief Constable, Bernard Higgins


 Assistant Chief Constable, Steve Johnson


 Assistant Chief Constable, John Hawkins


Assistant Chief Constable, Gillian MacDonald


 Assistant Chief Constable, Mark Williams


 Assistant Chief Constable, Kenny MacDonald£123,804

 Assistant Chief Constable, Angie McLaren


Assistant Chief Constable, Alan Speirs


Assistant Chief Constable, Roddy Irvine 


Assistant Chief Constable, Garry Ritchie £123,804 

David Page, Deputy Chief Officer - Corporate Services, Strategy and Change


Jude Helliker, Director of People & Development


James Gray, Chief Financial Officer£110-115k
Martin Low, Interim Director of ICT £105-110k 
Neil Dickson, Director of Change£120-125k
Tom McMahon, Director of Business Integration £100-105k 

* Note: All Officer pay awards are negotiated through the Police Negotiating Board and took effect on 1 September 2018 -