As a public body, the Scottish Police Authority is committed to the highest standards of openess and transparency in the way it conducts its business, takes decisions and spends public money.

Since December 2017, the SPA has made a number of changes to improve the Authority's governance and how it works. This includes refocussing Board agendas on a smaller number of more strategic issues to facilitate engagement and discussion on areas of significant public interest; establishing new committees with decision making powers and taking steps to establish a dedicated committee to scrutinise large change and transformation projects. In addition, the Board now holds more of its business in public and has ceased the previous practice of holding closed Board meetings.

Given this significant change in approach, in June 2018, the Board of the SPA reviewed its Governance Framework to ensure it reflects recent changes to practice and supports the future direction of travel.

The SPA's revised Governance Framework provides a clear description of how the Authority should work, in line with best practice, to be an effective, accessible and accountable national public body. The framework encompasses:

  • Standing Orders; to facilitate the consistent application of appropriate and publically accessible standards to meetings of the Authority and decision making processes.
  • Matters reserved to the Board; which lists the areas of decision making which the Board has reserved to itself.
  • Terms of Reference for Committees; which set out the remit and duties of our current committees.
  • Scheme of Delegation; which describes those matters delegated to the Chief Officer and/or Accountable Officer.

To view the SPA's governance document, please click on the link below:

SPA Governance Framework - June 2019